Privacy and Digital Footprints

Watch the Brainpop video "Information Privacy". (In Engineering & Tech/Digital Citizenship)
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Some Important points to consider when using the Internet and your personal information:

  • Keep your personal information private
    • Do not give your personal details away
  • Before you share information think
    • Who is getting it?
    • What are they going to do with it?
  • Giving your email address away can lead to you receiving spam
    • Spam often comes with attachments that are actually viruses
    • Spam can be scams that attempt to get money out of you
    • Some spam can be totally inappropriate for kids
    • Never open spam messages or attachments – DELETE!!!
  • Be careful downloading free programs form the internet as often lots of malware and Trojans are downloaded with the software
    • Read the I Accept carefully
    • Often full of deceit and scams
    • Scammers are always trying to keep ahead of anti-malware programs
  • Scammers can also capture information from social networking sites
  • Don’t give out phone numbers or addresses
  • Never share information you don’t want parents, potential employers or university admission officers to see