Caring for your laptop

Here are some tips in caring for your laptop:

  • You will need to bring the Laptop fully charged to school every day and take it home each night for recharging
  • Your laptop sleeve has been designed to protect it - always carry your laptop in this sleeve in your bag.
  • ID Labels are to be maintained. These will be vital in identifying your laptop and not to confuse your laptop with anyone else. If the ID label comes off, see ICT Support in B3 for replacements
  • At the end of the borrowing period the laptop must be returned in a clean, reusable condition
  • Clean your laptop and screen with a soft damp cloth. Do not use abrasives
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean the keyboard due to electric shock
  • Try to avoid moving the laptop while it is operating - this can damage your hard disk drive. If moving between classes put the lid down and let it hibernate
  • Do not eat or drink while using your laptop as spillages may damage it
    • Other students are not permitted to use your laptop