Student Laptop AAA Checklist

To be able use your laptop in an effective and efficient manner, you will need to be able to complete the following basics:

Email -

  • I can access my AIS email address
  • I can access my online calendar and add events

Saving Work

  • I am saving my work to C:\ drive
  • I have created a 'School Work' folder on C:\drive where I can save my school files
  • I have organised this folder into Terms and Subjects


  • I have organised OneNote with a 'School Work' notebook divided into subjects and term uniys
    • a list of subjects and term units is available on the OneNote page of this wik

Backing Up

  • I am using a combination of multiple backups
    • Cloud - Dropbox, Live <esh. SkyDrive
    • Hardware - USB storage (thumb drive, external hard disk)
    • Network - H:\ drive
  • I back regularly and often

Anti-virus Software

  • I check that my anti-virus software is up to date